Meet my hybrid piece called ~LAKE~

A transhuman sculpture of the future. Which is able to take her consciousness and travel around in different sculptures, its consciousness is limitless.
Lake is a combination of two somethings both build form multiple components. A intersection of fluid phases, different features but qualities relating to both of them. Together we transformed through thirteen seasons: liquid season, fertility season, animal season, isolation season, protest season, club season, astronaut season, pandemic season, total madness season, sculpture season and many more. Using seasons as a way to express complex content, about society and the function of art?
Perceptions shifted, ideas translated and concepts of aesthetic art were appreciated by a broad cross section of viewers.

I believe it extended the function of the exhibition. I hope that Lake can be a landscape for the gathering and meeting of crowds in the future. A place where you feel free to ground, stay or leave. Where there is space for everything.

~ LAKE ~ by Liza Houben
Sound design by Bae Jeon
Choreography Liza Houben and Niek Vanoosterweyck
Performers Matteo Bifulco, Maja Grzeczka, Dimme van Harten, Niek Vanoosterweyck, Wieger Stroo
Drone flyer Maciej Pasznicki

~ we will travel around and meet soon ~
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~ still sculpting the woman of the future ~
-------- Interdisciplinary mixed media sculptural performance installation
----- At the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, NL, September 2020
--- Ceramic sculptures are made during my residency at EKWC
Preview on the movie ~ The vibrant Lake ~ creating together with Maciej Pasznicki.